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Welcome to East Coast EFX! We love what we do. We are happy you are here.





East Coast EFX – Proven Results For Over a Decade

About the Company

One of the best things we can say about our company is that 90% of our business comes from referrals. This means we’re doing things right in satisfying our current clients – and that they tell their associates. We have developed this reputation via 13 years of experience in knowing not only the technical processes that lead to success, but also understanding the customer service level that top notch clients demand.

East Coast EFX features offices on both coasts and a roster of over 500 satisfied clients. We are dedicated to giving our customers the results they desire to help build their own company, brand, outreach. We can accomplish this through a multitude of ways utilizing our talents in tech, marketing, and creativity.

Our Recent Work

Be sure to check out the full portfolio to see more examples of our work.

What We Do

We offer a wide variety services.  Have a look below and see what we can do for you!

Web Design

At EFX, we pride ourselves in creating not only stunning, but functional websites for our clients. We have always stood by the fact that form and function can work hand in hand.

Print Design

Despite the fact that business is shifting to the web, print design remains an important element in marketing and branding. We help bring your ideas to life with immaculate design that catches the eye.

Apparel Design

Our designs look great on paper but they also serve as effective marketing on apparel. Whether you're giving away threads to customers or designing employee clothing, apparel design is a key part of marketing.


The entirety of creating a unique name and image for a product and the process of getting the word out to the masses. Effective branding can be one of the best ways to grow capital at a rapid rate.


It's not enough to simply be on the web, you need your potential customers to be able to find you. SEO puts you to the top of Google listings where your site traffic numbers can be maximized.

Mobile App

Delivering your product in mobile puts you ahead of the game. More users are doing 100% of their browsing and shopping via mobile devices offering a seamless user experience that leaves lasting impressions.

Lets Get Your Project Started Today

Our goal is to help you bring your dreams to reality. There is no better time than now to begin the process.


What Our Clients Say

Mike and his team did a wonderful job taking care of the website for the grand opening of our new clinic. We could not be happier. Big thanks to everyone at EFX!

Mike and his team are gods. That is all I have to say.

A huge thanks to Mike and his team for the absolutely stunning work they did for us!

EFX did a wonderful job creating assets for our charity event in the Hamptons. We would definitely recommend them to anyone and use them again.

Jon Sebaci Ferrari International
I'd like to thank Mike & Bryan at East Coast EFX for making me this incredible page!

Armin Van Buuren ARMADA MUSIC
Mike is the man. For over 10 years he and his team have always had my back for anything I needed. Great work from a super talented team!

You guys did a top notch job on SO MANY things for me. Love you and what you do. Cheers!

ED SHEERAN Atlantic Records
A huge thank you to Bryan and Mike at East Coast EFX for the wonderful work on my page. Thanks again.

Howard Stern Howard Stern Show
Great job! Mike and his team are absolute BEASTS! Thank you again!!!

Nightblue3 Twitch.tv